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March 14, 2011

the hare and the hedgehog

"... when the hedgehog caught sight of the hare, he bade him a friendly good morning. But the hare, who was in his own way a distinguished gentleman, and frightfully haughty, did not return the hedgehog's greeting, but said to him, assuming at the same time a very contemptuous manner, how do you happen to be running about here in the field so early in the morning. I am taking a walk, said the hedgehog. A walk, said the hare, with a smile. It seems to me that you might use your legs for a better purpose. This answer made the hedgehog furiously angry, for he can bear anything but a reference too his legs, just because they are crooked by nature ..." (Grimms Fairy Tales)


Hair: Shag - (Re) Use Me ~ toffee (project themeory)
Skin: Al Vulo - Ninni ~ pink bronze NEW
 Dress: Kyoot-The Ground Beneath Her Feet (available @ CHIC Limited)
Jacket: Mon Tissu - Porter Jean Jacket ~ Light NEW
 Shoes: Purrfect 10 - Serenity Lazy Sunday Rose Heels
 Ring: Mons - Bulb Ring ~ Silver
 Necklace: League - Fly Me Away Amore Jewellery Set
Brooch: croire - stitched brooch ~ heart

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