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April 5, 2011

spring feeling

Yay, spring has finally arrived and nature comes to life. Now in this particular case the nature was too much alive for my taste. Thank god I have not forgotten to put on my running heels this morning :D


Hair: Exile - Luka ~ Brown Sugar (@ Project FUR Japan]
Skin: YS&YS - Penelope ~ Ice NEW
Dress: Apple Spice! - Tight Metallic Dress ~ Dull Copper NEW
Jacket: fri.- Military Jacket ~ Cocoa
Leggings: croire - sheer pattern leggings
Shoes: Baby Monkey - Ultimate Tayla ~ Brown
Bag: [AddiCt] - Day Tripper Bag ~ Ocean Ave (@ Project FUR Japan)
Necklace: [Lauria] - Double Boheme Necklace NEW
Earrings: [Lauria] - Boheme Earrings NEW
Ring: Donna Flora - VITO Black Ring
Bangles: [Baubles] - Tall Bangle ~ Silver/Turquoise (available on marketplace)


  1. Oh yes, perfect shoes for running in. hehe ;)
    Does that location have a lighthouse on a hill? If it's the same one I'm thinking about, I went there yesterday to take pics but someone was in the spot I wanted to go to so I went somewhere else. Was it you? Hmmmm? lol ;)
    BTW, great styling and pics!

  2. noooo it was not meeee!!! :D
    Well, I took the pics this afternoon so I couldn't be the one who was hopping around in front of your camera :)) The sim is called nordari and yes, it has a little lighthouse :)

  3. Amazing styling and beautiful phoos (as usual)! And I LOVE the poses!

  4. awwww.. thank you so much, Lila! I am glad you liked it :))